1. Don’t use your Rose Medals early in the game for anything but for Promotion Advancement, you will need Ten Rose medals be promoted to Baronet.
  2. If you are just starting out, make at least 9 barracks and increase them to 13 or more later on so you can make troops faster
  3. Make sure that you join the right alliance so you get serious protection which can help you if you get attacked,
    if you are on server 68 (like us) Join Synergy or Storm (#1 alliance)
  4. Reserve atleast 5 game cents to buy an amulet on the store, so you can accomplish the quest, Item Purchase which you will then receive
    Senior Guidelines 1, Intermediate Guidelines 1, 10 cents

For advanced players / later part of the game

  1. If you have reached your population limit and cant train more troops because of it,
    reduce your production rate so you can have more troops
  2. Don’t use your Michaelangelo Script yet, instead try to capture an npc10 as it have level 10 of different buildings
    But it only  has 1 barracks though
  3. Keep praying to increase your prestige

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